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“Your stuff is absolutely delicious – great packaging…usually the Sugar Free products she sees have awful wrapping. This product has both”

- Fruit Center Marketplace -

“This is literally the best chocolate on the market. It is a truly “beautifying” bar b/c it contains NO dairy or sugar, so has all the antioxidant benefits with out the junk. It’s also the most delicious creamy bar I’ve tasted – totally addicted.”

- NY Times Best Selling Author of Gorgeously Green -

“Imagine a delicious creamy chocolate that contains zero sugar and is actually good for you??? Yep – Coco Polo chocolate is outstanding in its taste and creaminess and here at G.G – we’re totally addicted. Every flavor is delish. Sophie’s fave is the ginger. Buy a box and give one to every chocolate-lover you know.”

- Sophie Uliano -

“Seller communicated with me immediately upon receiving the order, the item was packed well and arrived in great condition, and I received the package sooner than expected–couldn’t ask for more. In addition, the food product I purchased was delicious!”

- Robin Olson -

“I love your stevia sweetened chocolate! It’s saving my life, literally. My husband used to make me handmade chocolate but could never replicate the smooth creaminess of a chocolate bar. Thank you so much for making it – it’s so long overdue!”

- Jessica Shepherd -

“This Stevia sweetened, 70% dark chocolate bar with Montmorency Cherries is truly delicious! It has 170 calories, 6g of sugar derived from cherries sweetened with apple juice, 9g of fiber and 8g of saturated fat derived from cocoa butter. It also contains 4g of Erythritol and has 22g of total carbs.

The slightly tangy/sweet/sharp taste that comes from the pairing of dark chocolate and cherries is pleasing, and the texture is freshly crisp when you bite into it. It’s NOT syrupy sweet or waxy like other chocolate bars. I found it to be very close to the most perfect chocolate bar I’ve ever had.

You should not expect this chocolate bar to taste like the other sugary, fructose syrup type chocolate bars. This is a much more refined taste. If you like a good, straight Oban or Highland Park, you may just fall in love with this chocolate bar. Now I’m going to try the other flavors to see if I can find one that reminds me of Laphroaig or Ardbeg! Wouldn’t that be a kicker :P”

- Rainy Day -

“5.0 out of 5 stars chocolate junky NOT denied!”

- Book Lover "Lorene" -

“The new Stevia chocolate is wonderful! I am so excited you are using that to sweeten it! Do you think you will ever offer the stevia chocolate in bulk/baking chocolate? Thanks for all you do for celiacs!”

- Sara Johnson -

“I love this chocolate! You cannot taste any difference and it is delicious. My favorite is the one with almonds. I am on an anti-candida diet and cannot use sugar, but I love chocolate. This brand is excellent. I think I will still use it once I get off this crazy diet, because it is fever calories and Stevia is good for you, unlike sugar. Highly recommend it! “

- Mark Murray, -

“The best marriage of ginger and chocolate that I have ever tasted. A job well done.”

- Daniel -

“I can not have sugar and have tried every sugar-free chocolate out there, this is by far the best! So creamy and with no aftertaste. I love all of the flavors but the plain, almond and elderberry are my favorites. They are worth every penny! I bought a bar of sugar free chocolate from Whole foods for $4.99 and it did not even come close to how good cocoa pollo’s chocolate is. YUMMY!”

- Gail T. Murdock -

“Awesome service. Arrived during the hot spell with no melting.”

- Gail Murdock -

“Even if you don’t have to avoid sugar, these Stevia sweetened bars from Coco Polo are an excellent way to get your chocolate fix. All are 70%, and they come in six tantalizing flavors.

I adored the Tart Cherry, with its chewy dried fruit and crisply tempered glossy chocolate. This chocolate is bittersweet, intense, and has a nice mouth feel. I liked how the cherries added an acidic kick, and great texture. Their Almond bar is full of whole, crunchy nuts and a perfect counterpart to the cherry. I could happily alternate a square of each all day. Ginger is a smooth bar with spicy ginger. It gives up that unique ginger kick without adding any sugar encrusted rhizome.

Elderberries, one of my all-time favorites for their nutritional profile, is another smooth treat with lovely berry notes in every bite.

Cocoa Nibs provides a constant crunchy experience that takes this bar up a few notches on the cocoa-meter without adding any bitterness. I don’t know how they managed that feat, but the end result is incredibly satisfying.

Their Pure 70% is just that. Unadulterated chocolate balanced beautifully with some vanilla. (Actually, all the bars have added vanilla which gives them extra body and complexity.) The gold foil liner is housed in a prettily designed sleeve with lovely artwork, and the bars have 15 easily breakable squares.

Now, you have the perfect gift for someone avoiding sugar who loves dark chocolate.”

- Nicole S. Urdang -

“The Stevia product is fantastic….very excited!”

- Bill -

“Our favorite products for this month, December 2011, selected by the staff at Cambridge Naturals!”

- Michael Kanter -

“As a Naturopath, clinical nutritionist, lecturer and educator I need to both keep up with new products in the health industry as well as find the very few that I can recommend to my patients and carry in my office. Because so many people, myself included, love the taste of chocolate, I carry a few Stevia sweetened liquid and powdered products to make healthy chocolate milk. I have never, until now, been able to find a Stevia sweetened chocolate bar, even a bad one. The chocolatiers all told me it could not be done. Well, not only has Diane at CocoPolo chocolates proven that they were wrong, but she proved they were REALLY WRONG! Here chocolates are Stevia sweetened and FANTASTIC. I will carry them in my office and sing their praises when I lecture. Have to be careful not to eat too many as they are that good. My current favorite is the tart cherry. Great Job and keep up the good work and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

- David Getoff -

“I tried the chocolate bars and they didn’t bother my stomach. I also gave one to a friend and she said it’s the best sugar free choc bar she’s ever had so I wanted to pass the compliment to you. Thanks again for the great customer service. I won’t be returning the bars.”

- Doug Addison -

“I talked to you at Expo East and was very interested in your chocolate that also included Stevia as a sweetener. We talked for a long time about how you used great quality chocolate to begin and when I brought the samples back and let people try it they loved it and it showed. Most people I didn’t tell that there was Stevia in it until they had tried it and they said they couldn’t even tell or wouldn’t have even known.”

- Chris Burkheimer -

“Just wanted to tell you how GREAT your 70% dark chocolate sweetened with Stevia is. (I am sure you know that! lol.) Wow. I am very much a chocolate lover but am sensitive to sugars (organic or otherwise). And, do not usually like the taste of stevia. But, your marriage of dark chocolate and stevia is a winner!! Great job! Thank you for being so aware of high quality ingredients. It makes a big difference to me! I am one happy customer. (P.S. I found your chocolate at Healthy Living in Burlington, VT. I saw their buyer’s comment on your website. He is SO right!!)”

- Kathy Meyer -

“Just a short note to thank you for my delicious treats. I LOVE the dark chocolate with the cherries, and I am impressed with the new elderberry sample. YUM! I will certainly order that next time. Again, I will continue to do business with you, and thank you for such a wonderful product.”

- Jane Destross -

“Recently discovered a delicious new chocolate thanks to The New Gladstone Market: Coco Polo. Sugar free, gluten free, all natural.”

- Nancy Painter -

“I am a type 2 diabetic and have to limit my sugars – this is flippin’ delicious. The chocolate is creamy, fresh – and is REAL chocolate. You know those “sugar free chocolates” in the store are “chocolate flavored” with artificial chemical sweeteners probably worse for you than sugar. Nothing in that candy is real. This is chocolate from cocoa beans and sweetening from stevia, a plant. There is no after-taste as with some sweeteners (it’s just sweet). I have not tried the milk chocolate; this sample definitely does not taste like a Hershey’s chocolate bar, it’s not overly sweet (I love dark chocolate). I’m not sure what chocolate the other reviewer thinks is better or more complex, but I’ve had Godiva and I like this as much. This is as good as any chocolate I ever ate……..”

- Tootie -

“Just so happened to stumble on Coco Polo and thought I’d give it a try. So many sugar free chocolates either taste great, but have manitol. Or are manitol free, and taste funny. I’ve tried other stevia chocolates; one was gritty, the other lacked actual cocoa taste – even in its dark variation. Coco Polo has a great rich cocoa flavor and does not taste artificial like others out there. I’ve also tried their elderberry with a hesitant first couple bites, then it grew on me. I still prefer the 70%. Only downside is that it is a smooge on the expensive side.”

- Gary Theisen Jr. -

“You have a hit with your delicious, sugar-free CocoPolo Stevia 70% Dark Chocolate! I have tried almost every “healthful” chocolate made and they all contain refined sugar, even if it is organic cane sugar. Your chocolate has a satisfying creamy consistency, the right amount of guilt-free sweetness in six delightful flavors. My students love this truly healthful treat. Congratulations!”

- Lenore Baum -

“Terrific bittersweet taste. A little satisfies sweet tooth. The company was lightening fast in response to order and included free samples of other flavors.” ***** (5 Stars)

- Patricia A. Leoniec -

“With the holidays coming up, there’s likely to be a great deal of chocolate in one form or another crossing your path. I am absolutely delighted by my newest chocolate discovery. I found The Coco Polo Cadenza bar when I was at the Natural Products Expo East a few weeks back. By the end of few hours of trawling the aisles, I didn’t want to look at another chocolate sample or chip for that matter, until my sister-in-law grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the Coco Polo booth – I’m SO glad she did.

This is the best sugar-free chocolate I’ve ever tasted. What is amazing is that it doesn’t contain what most sugar-free chocolates contain – sugar alcohols in the form of maltitol or sorbitol. It’s sweetened with natural stevia. If you had told me to try a stevia sweetened chocolate, I probably wouldn’t because I don’t love stevia in it’s raw form but the taste of this chocolate is insanely good. It’s 70% dark chocolate – so you get all the health benefits and yet it doesn’t taste as strong/bitter as most dark chocolate. It has a smooth, creamy texture and comes in 6 flavors – super tough to pick which is best – the Tart Montmorency Cherry bar is beyond!

If you are a chocolate lover, you’d do worse that order yourself a box of bars for the holidays. I intend or order a box for my father-in-law who is diabetic – he’ll be sent to heaven.”

- Sophie Uliano -

“Awesome chocolate”

- Tammy Mish -

“As someone who reviews chocolate as an avocation, I have to say I was mightily surprised with this stevia sweetened bar. The tart cherries in snappily tempered glossy 70% chocolate were an excellent combination. I was also smitten with their other offerings, like nibs, and roasted almond. These three provided interesting textures, crunch, or chewiness in a deep, dark chocolate—very satisfying.”

- Nicole S. Urdang -

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