Why Coco Polo?

Created on the basis of naturally eliminating added sugars, Coco Polo provides both taste satisfaction and real health enhancing properties

With the Cacao Bean’s massive portfolio of beneficial compounds, Coco Polo is chocolate as it was meant to be created, without any distraction from sugar

Coco Polo’s mission is to improve high quality chocolate without added sugars to be a taste and lifestyle preference.

John Cunnell, Diane Yamate and Sandra O’Shea, each with over 30 years’ experience in the confectionery industry, are the Coco Polo Team. And Co-Founders responsible for the Stevia chocolate development.

It started by listening to Diane’s dad who has Diabetes. He was unable to find chocolate to satisfy his sweet tooth. He also wanted to share his chocolate with friends and family who did not have Diabetes.

To control this process, we were the first and are the only manufacturer in the U.S. with our proprietary high cocoa chocolate formulations for this market. We began our chocolate transformation to an exclusively natural sugar free chocolate in 1996.

Without sacrificing taste, all our chocolate bars are developed for people who prefer to reduce sugar and are also suitable for people with Diabetes.

With each of our bars, we select ingredients, many considered to be Super Foods, to enhance our high cocoa percentage and increase each bar’s nutritional value. Our cocoa benefits are not diminished with High GI nor empty calorie inclusions.

Increasingly mainstream consumers are looking for a better quality of life through the foods they eat and Coco Polo can provide the chocolates that address both their love of chocolate and their quest for a healthier life.

Coco Polo is approved by the Feingold® Organization, which was created to help people with dietary challenges. (www.feingold.org) and partners with Roche® (www.roche.com) to help treat the “Whole Diabetic Customer” by introducing them to a new expectation of chocolate without added sugars, that is…… it tastes delicious.