Why Coco Polo?

Created on the basis of naturally eliminating added sugars, Coco Polo provides both taste satisfaction and real health enhancing properties

With the Cacao Bean’s massive portfolio of beneficial compounds, Coco Polo is chocolate as it was meant to be created, without any distraction from sugar

sugar free dark chocolate

Coco Polo bliss

We began as Coco Polo, chocolate makers dedicated to making great tasting chocolate without sugar.  The Polo* represented our exploration for better alternatives to sweeten and enhance existing chocolates.


Coco Polo bliss™ is our chocolate evolution.

In 1995, after being small artisanal makers of chocolates, our Diabetic dad, our inspiration, pointed out, that every body needs the right foods to help maintain health and the right soul foods to feed our spirit.

Chocolate was on his list of necessary foods, sugar was not.  He thought that chocolate without sugars did not taste like real chocolate.  We agreed that quality chocolate free from sugars, had not lived up to its taste potential.

Experimenting with novel newly accessible natural ingredients to replace processed sugar, we wanted to provide the same satisfaction as our most admired chocolates of the world, Real Couverture Quality Chocolate. 

In 1997, our first Coco Polo 70% natural sugar free chocolate was our way of honoring the cocoa bean without the distraction from sugar, keeping the chocolate familiar, comforting, and enjoyable. Our belief was that the elimination of any added sugars, should not result in a reduction in taste expectations.

Redefining our chocolate in 2023, meant using UPCYCLED WHOLE CACAO-FRUIT, the entire cacao pod including its beans.  The beans comprise only 30% of the entire fruit from which all chocolates have been made.   Our newest chocolate, Coco Polo bliss, makes the most of Nature’s cacao gift, increases the massive portfolio of the beneficial compounds which it possesses, still maintaining our Free From all added sugars, while enriching our new purest chocolate with other complementary foods dense with nutrition and health benefits. 

Coco Polo bliss has received a Full-Certification from the Upcycled Food Association™ because of our commitment to making it the basis in our new chocolate.

As manufacturers, we transform naturally grown foods, like the whole cacao-fruit, into familiar and comforting chocolate.  We have the responsibility and ability to deliver more food value, Free From unnecessary carbs and fibers, with ingredients that are rich and uncomplicated.   Cocoa is a gift already full of abundant nutrition if not diminished.

We began and still are chocolate makers at our core.  We focus on taste enjoyment and evolved our newest chocolate into that mold.   Coco Polo bliss has an ultra-smooth and silky confectioners’ finish and robust complex tasting notes, all expectations of premium sugar-sweetened chocolates.  bliss is now chocolate for the health of our planet and bliss for your taste and lifestyle preference.

Your bliss Chocolate Makers

*Like the explorer, Marco Polo