Discover the Decadent Taste of CocoPolo

Indulge in the world of sugar free dark chocolate and milk chocolate with no sugar added – crafted with the finest ingredients for a guilt-free experience.

Welcome to CocoPolo, your destination for delectable, naturally sweetened chocolate delights in New York and beyond. Based in New Jersey, our range of exquisite sugar free dark chocolate and milk chocolate no sugar added treats are perfect for anyone in New York or beyond (international shipping!) seeking a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste. With CocoPolo, you can indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Naturally Sweetened Chocolate

Our premium chocolates are sweetened with stevia, a natural sugar substitute derived from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. Stevia not only adds a delightful sweetness to our chocolates but also allows you to enjoy a treat without worrying about the negative effects of sugar. Savor the delicate balance of cocoa and stevia in every bite of our naturally sweetened chocolate.

At CocoPolo, we pay tribute to the cocoa bean by keeping our chocolate free from sugar’s interference, preserving its authentic, delightful, and comforting essence. Our chocolate retains its impressive array of health-promoting compounds while eliminating sugars and replacing them with nutrient-rich, health-boosting ingredients. We believe that removing sugars should not compromise taste expectations.

By leaving sugar behind, our cocoa bean has the opportunity to join forces with nutritious ingredients that offer superior health benefits, rather than resorting to inexpensive, nutritionally empty fillers reminiscent of the sugars we’ve abandoned. In this way, we craft exceptional chocolate experiences that cater to both taste and well-being.

esspresso cup chocolate

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

For the true chocolate connoisseurs, our sugar free dark chocolate offers a rich, bold taste with the benefits of being sugar-free. Crafted with 70% cocoa, our dark chocolate delivers an intense flavor that will satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings. Enjoy a healthier alternative without compromising on taste or quality.

We have many different delectable flavor combinations to choose from, all sugar-free and just as delicious (if not more) than full-sugar chocolate. Some of our best sellers include our 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Raspberry Hibiscus, 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Tart Montgomery Cherries, and 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds.

Milk Chocolate with No Sugar Added

Indulge in the creamy, smooth texture of our milk chocolate no sugar added range, crafted with love and care. Our delectable milk chocolate is made using the finest ingredients, including high-quality cocoa and natural stevia. With CocoPolo, you can treat yourself to a luxurious chocolate experience without the added sugars.

We have a variety of scrumptious sugar-free 39% cocoa milk chocolate to choose from- whether you’re looking for milk chocolate with hazelnuts or just plain chocolate, we can assure you we have an all-natural stevia-based chocolate you will love.

Discover our delightful range of naturally sweetened chocolate treats, including sugar free dark chocolate, milk chocolate no sugar added, and much more.

Visit our shop and embark on a journey through the enchanting world of CocoPolo. We look forward to sharing our not-so guilty pleasure with you!

Transform Your Retail Offerings with CocoPolo’s Healthier Chocolate Indulgences

Elevate your retail offerings with CocoPolo’s naturally sweetened chocolate delights, perfect for discerning customers seeking healthier, guilt-free indulgence. As a retailer, you can benefit from the growing demand for sugar-free and no sugar added chocolates crafted with high-quality ingredients. Our selection of premium stevia-sweetened chocolates includes sugar-free dark chocolate and milk chocolate with no sugar added, offering a variety of delectable flavors that cater to diverse taste preferences. We have experience working with retailers not just in New York, but nationwide, to bring them the best chocolate. By partnering with CocoPolo, you can enhance your product range and cater to health-conscious chocolate lovers in New York and beyond.

Contact us at (800) 433-2462 or through our website contact-us for more wholesale information.

Hand-Painted Espresso Chocolate Cup and Saucer – 70% Dark Chocolate-Sugar Free

$14.75 /Item

Hand-Painted Espresso Chocolate Cup-70% Dark Chocolate-Sugar Free – Silky Smooth, Melts quickly, Creamy, Not too sweet. Strong coffee taste.

39% Cocoa Milk Chocolate with Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds – No Sugar Added (8 pack)

$19.80 /pack

39% Cocoa Milk Chocolate with Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds – No Sugar Added – Nutty, Toasty

70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds-No Sugar Added (5 Pack)

$12.38 /pack

70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Almond, No Sugar Added Bar – Nutty and Toasty