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I can be a food snob. Well, some things about food are a given, right? A cake made with eggs, flour, sugar and butter is going to taste better than powder from a box of cake mix. Pasta sauce made from scratch is going to taste better than corn syrup-laden jarred sauce. Chocolate bars made with sugar are going to taste better than those made with sugar substitute.


Review from WCBS-FM Radio

“What could be more wonderful than enjoying healthy, delicious chocolate?  How about a collection sweetened with a healthy extract of the Stevia plant instead of sugar?

FDA-approved for food use, the difference in this Stevia extract found in chocolates from Coco Polo is the uniquely appealing flavor profile.  With no funky artificial aftertaste detracting from that exquisite sensation that rolls across your taste buds, you get only the smooth, silky cocoa taste you expect from a high-quality chocolate.

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