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Delight in a world of sugar-free dark chocolate and milk chocolate with no added sugar – skillfully crafted with top-quality ingredients for a guiltless indulgence.

Welcome to CocoPolo, your destination for delicious, naturally sweetened chocolate treasures from the east coast of New Jersey to the west coast of California. Based in Highland Park, New Jersey, our assortment of outstanding sugar-free dark chocolate and milk chocolate with no added sugar is perfect for anyone seeking healthier alternatives without compromising on flavor. With CocoPolo, you can satisfy your sweet cravings guilt-free. Our international shipping makes sure that you can enjoy our healthier chocolate whether you’re in California or beyond.

Naturally Sweetened Stevia Chocolate

At CocoPolo, we celebrate the cocoa bean by producing chocolate that is unburdened by sugar, preserving its authentic, delightful, and comforting essence. Our chocolate maintains its remarkable range of health-supporting compounds while removing sugars and replacing them with nutrient-rich, health-enhancing ingredients. We firmly believe that eliminating sugars should not result in a diminished taste experience.

By eschewing sugar, our cocoa bean is liberated to partner with wholesome ingredients that deliver significant health benefits, instead of depending on inexpensive, nutritionally devoid fillers reminiscent of the sugars we’ve abandoned. In this way, we create exceptional chocolate experiences that cater to both taste and well-being. Our health-conscious chocolate comes in both 39% cocoa milk chocolate and 70% cocoa dark chocolate, so we guarantee you will find a naturally sweetened chocolate that you’ll love.

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What Sets CocoPolo Chocolate Apart from Other Stevia Chocolates?

While there may be a limited number of brands utilizing Stevia as a sweetener, Coco Polo has dedicated over 20 years to conducting extensive research and development to perfect the use of this sweetener in our chocolates. We have successfully eliminated the undesirable and recognizable Stevia taste that may be present in other products. Our journey as chocolate makers began in 1979, and we have always believed that the primary reason people enjoy chocolate is due to its delightful taste.

Coco Polo’s chocolates contain no Stevia or unfamiliar flavors that would detract from the rich, natural essence of the cacao bean, the true star of every chocolate bar. The development of our pure chocolate base for our 70% Dark and 39% Milk bars started in 1996, with the aim of satisfying that fundamental desire for taste. We are the only Stevia sugar-free brand that exclusively incorporates low-glycemic index (GI) and superfoods in our bars.

We carefully select fine-quality specialty cocoa beans and transform them into a true couverture quality chocolate, following the European tradition of cocoa bean excellence, rather than settling for chocolate chip or compound quality. Our chocolates are not only suitable for baking but also for crafting fine confections.

Coco Polo’s dedication to preserving the authentic flavor of chocolate while offering a healthier, sugar-free alternative is what sets us apart. By refining our recipes over the years, we have successfully created a range of chocolates that remain true to the natural taste of the cacao bean, without any distracting Stevia aftertaste. Our commitment to quality and the use of low-GI and superfoods in our bars further enhances the nutritional value of our chocolates, making them a guilt-free pleasure for those who indulge.

Healthy Stevia-Based Chocolate Gifts for Any Holiday

When an holiday approach, it’s time to indulge in Coco Polo’s delightful collection of sugar-free, naturally sweetened chocolate treats. Our carefully curated selection of Easter-themed chocolates is perfect for sharing with friends and family or simply treating yourself to a guilt-free indulgence.

Just like our other offerings, our Easter chocolate collection is made with the finest ingredients and sweetened with stevia, a natural sugar substitute derived from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. This allows you to enjoy a treat without worrying about the negative effects of sugar. Our Easter chocolates are expertly crafted to retain the delicious taste of premium chocolate, while offering a healthier alternative to traditional Easter treats.

Our Easter chocolates are available in both sugar-free dark and milk chocolate varieties, catering to a range of preferences. Whether you prefer the rich, bold taste of 70% cocoa dark chocolate or the creamy, smooth texture of 39% cocoa milk chocolate, you can be sure that our Easter collection has something for everyone. We offer whimsical chocolate gifts like Blue-Eyed Vienna-Style Chocolate Bunnies and Colorful Chocolate Carrots. We think our scrumptious Easter treats would be the perfect thing to complete your Easter baskets.

Explore Our Healthful Selection of Chocolates

Unveil our captivating collection of naturally sweetened chocolate masterpieces, including sugar-free dark chocolate, milk chocolate with no added sugar, and much more. Visit our shop and embark on a journey through the enchanting world of good-for-you chocolate.

Elevate Your Store Selection with CocoPolo’s Premium Sugar-Free Chocolate Treats

Enhance your retail assortment with CocoPolo’s naturally sweetened chocolate delights, perfect for customers who crave healthier, guilt-free chocolate options. Tap into the growing market for premium sugar-free and no sugar added chocolates made from the finest ingredients. Our collection of stevia-sweetened chocolates includes delectable sugar-free dark chocolate and milk chocolate with no sugar added, available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors. By featuring CocoPolo products in your store, you’ll cater to the needs of health-minded chocolate aficionados in California. Contact us at (800) 433-2462 or through our website contact-us for more wholesale information.

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70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Tart Montmorency Cherries – No Sugar Added (8 pack)

$39.60 /pack

70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Tart Montmorency Cherries – No Sugar Added Bar – Sweet & Tart

ROUND MINI CHIPS – Approximately 800 pieces per pound- 70% Cocoa Dark (3 lb)

$53.25 /pack

70% Cocoa Dark, 3 LB BAG of Stevia Sweetened Sugar Free Mini Chips Chocolate – Silky, Creamy, Bittersweet